Alicia Keys recently launched her collection of sneakers in a collaboration with Reebok. Her inspiring husband Swizz Beat ( Kasseem David Dean) creative director for Reebok sure knew it would be an amazing outcome when he teamed up his wife with the brand. Alicia describes her passion for the classics as she was a big fan since her teenage years. I can very much relate to that since my first pair of Reebok`s were the classic freestyle HI sneaker in baby pink. The design of exactly that model is of course inspired by Alicia`s piano and her love for the New York sky line.

Behind the scenes of making the “girl inspired video” and the official photoshoot

I am truly inspired by Kasseem David Dean`s words in this video. He says there are only 24 hours in one day, everything you wake up and do, you should have love for. You shouldn’t do things for money. Money comes and goes. Wakeup in the morning, set your goals and make history.

“Girl inspired”


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